Men's and Ladies Jewelry

Gems And Treasures,LLC.

All kinds of Men’s and Ladies Jewelry 

I carry a large variety of Men’s and Ladies Gemstone and Diamond Jewelry.
From beautiful rings to pendants also men’s watches.
I also have gold and silver necklaces and bracelets.
From 10kt. to  14kt. to 18kt. gold and silver jewelry products.
Starting prices range from $100 to $19,000.00 dollars.

I will be putting more items in as others sell.
If there’s any other type of Jewelry you might be interested in
please use the contact page and send me a photo with the info on what
you might be looking for or you can call me at 1-513-601-3929
and ask for Ken.

Jewelry can be sized by a jeweler for rings and watches.

Most of the time I will add a sales price that has been reduced in cost,

or you can also make me a offer if you like on most items.

Like Gemstones Or Jewelry

Thank You:  Kenneth Laibson


Gems and Treasures,LLC

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