Fine Digital Art And Photography

Fine Digital Art And Photography

Canvas Paintings from:

 Estelle Laibson Professional Artist

Call Irvin Laibson for Original Canvas Paintings


For Digital Prints

By Estelle Laibson


Kenneth Laibson “Professional Photographer”

All Digital Paintings and Photographs come with a Signed Paper of AUTHENTICITY


{ Send In Your Pictures From Wallet Size To 8 1/2″ x 11″}

  One Time Fee of $25.00 For Scanning Your Pictures, Negatives or Slides

Includes Full Cleaning and Restoration Work, And Color Correction.

Please Pick Your Material You Would Like To Print On !

Please take a moment to figure out your total cost (Example):

    (Canvas/Artistic Paper)    11″ x 17″ or  13″ x 19″       16″x 20″ or  24″ x 24″
                                                              $99.00                      $150.00       $185.00
     (Photographic Paper)                  $85.00                      $125.00        $145.00 
                                                             (Extras) Add Amount
     (Foam Core Board)
     (X-Sq. Foot =)  $4.35 per sq.ft.      $6.16    $6.89      $7.25              $10.44
     (Gator Board)
     (X-sq.Foot=)    $8.99per sq.ft.       $12.74  $14.25    $14.97            $21.58
     (Lamination) 3mil.
                                                                     $7.45    $8.32      $8.76             $12.60
      (Shipping Tubes)  17″ to 19″ Add $3.00    Or    20″ to 24″     Add $7.00
      (Then Total) 13″ x 19″ &  Shipping Tube =    $99.00 +  $3.00                                                                                                                                        =$102.00  Total

      (Total Add To Cart)
       (Put Total In Cart and Enter SKU#)

       For Photography or Digital Art Painting

Printed on a High End 1200 x 1200 DPI, Digital Printer

42″ Wide, Large Professional Format Inkjet Printers

HP L25500 Latex Photographic Printer

(Photographic Paper)

HP Z6200 Dream Color Art Prints

(Canvas/Artistic Paper)

There will be Four different Sizes of Prints on Three Types of Material to choose from.

On Canvas or Artistic Paper :

  11″ x 17″  or  13″ x 19″                        16″ x 20″    or     24″ x 24″

                $99.00ea.                                 $150.00ea.       $185.00ea.

 Photographic Paper:

 11″ x 17″  or  13″ x 19″                        16″ x 20″     or    24″ x 24″

                  $85.00ea.                                 $125.00ea.       $145.00ea.

     All Digital Print’s Our Rolled And Tubed For Shipping


Mounting to Foam Board:

          $4.35 per Sq. Ft.

(Only on Photographic Paper and Artistic Paper)

  Mounting to Gator Board:

          $8.99 per Sq. Ft.

 (Only on Photographic Paper and Artistic Paper)


             $5.25 per Sq. Ft.

Shipping Tubes

17″ to 19″ Add $3.00   Or    20″ to 24″ Add $7.00

Do it Yourself at a Frame Store

Have it Mounted under a Glass Frame

 (Only on Photographic Paper and Artistic Paper)

Canvas can be stretched on a Wood Stretcher Frame

Thank You, Kenneth Laibson

Owner of:    Gems And Treasures,LLC.

Any Questions Please Leave Comments

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