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Paraiba Tourmaline Mens Ring


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Ad Black an White Lettering Gems Cookoos 42718 6

Gems And Treasures,LLC.

Gems And Treasures,LLC. Hi my name is Kenneth Laibson Owner This is a Blog, that I have created for a Ad that is shown at Cookoo’s Coffee Shop in Madisonville,OH 45227 It talks about my Online Website Store. Please read and take a look at “Our Wide Variety Of Products“

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Blood Donations-Please Give Blood For Our Military! MP3 Continue Reading

  Please give blood to our military and troops out there who were in need of extra stock for these increase War times, also it helps our veterans in need of extra blood that are laid up and need our help.  Also Listen to our Radio Announcement WCKY AM .

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Radio Station Advertising MP3 Veterans Day

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Gems And Treasures is now Open For Business !

Gems And Treasures is now open for business ! We have placed these Logo’s given to us by these Companies like the: Better Business Bureau-(BBB)  (A) Rating (Secure Site Log-On) – SSL thru GoDaddy PayPal (Secure Payments) Which Accepts Most Credit Cards And Your PayPal Accounts Scam Advisors 100%   (Scam Free Rating)  for your […]

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Yellow Zircon 1 71216 A

RARE Yellow Zircon 9.74ct. Gif. Image Hi this is Ken from gems and treasures, today I’ll be introducing to you a beautiful 9.74 carat Yellow Zircon In a Gif. Format This is a  (RARE)  gemstone, that has been cut to a brilliant Portuguese Rd. cut. Zircon Attributes  Measurements: 11.49mm x 11.51mm x 7.50mm Clarity :Transparent Color (Hue): Yellow Tone: Medium […]

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” image=”Art”] WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS To Purchase, Original Art Canvas Paintings from:  Estelle Laibson Professional Artist go to:         For Digital Prints By Estelle Laibson or Kenneth Laibson Professional Photographer All Digital Paintings and Photographs come with a Signed Paper of AUTHENTICITY Please checkout our website for a complete variety of products. […]

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