About Our Items



      About Our Items

Gems And Treasures,LLC.

Hi,  my name is Kenneth Laibson

I’ve been collecting for over 20 years of all types of rough and faceted gemstones of all sizes and shapes.

“Most Gemstones Come With Insurance/Certificate

                 And all kinds of Treasures

  • Which includes Jewelry for Men and Ladies.
  • Loose Gemstones
  • Well know Artist Digital Paintings and Digital Photography and Composite Sculptures.
  • Memorabilia of all kinds like, Baseball Cards, Basketball Cards and Football Cards and all sorts of other item’s.
  • All kinds of Knives from pocket Knives to Hunting Knives.
  • And Beautiful Swords that make great wall hangers over your fireplace mantle or on your office desk.
  • As products are sold they will be replaced with new one’s.
  • So please take your time and enjoy the Website.


       “These are just some of the Gemstone Cuts”

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