Gems And Treasures,LLC.

Gems And Treasures,LLC.

Offering Loose Gemstones, Art By Estelle Laibson, Knives And Fantasy Swords, Donjo Sea Life Sculptures, Jewelry Men’s And Ladies & Other Memorabilia

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Hi this is Kenneth Laibson owner

(513) 601-3929  Ask For Ken

For over 20 plus years I been collecting Loose Gemstones of high quality.

And all types of high quality (Fashion Jewelry)

for Men and Ladies.

I also have all kinds of collectible items from Knives And Fantasy Swords to All types of Memorabilia.


My Mother is Estelle Laibson a (World Renowned Artist), she has been painting since she was 3 years old.   Her paintings are all over the world and owned by (Connoisseurs of Fine Art)

She sells her works of fine art paintings on canvas and other types of materials making her paintings  (Most Unique)

She is a (Contemporary Realist)

So please have a good time taking a look at Estelle Laibson Paintings and

Photography By Kenneth Laibson

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