Yellow Zircon 1 71216 A

RARE Yellow Zircon 9.74ct. Gif. Image Hi this is Ken from gems and treasures, today I’ll be introducing to you a beautiful 9.74 carat Yellow Zircon In a Gif. Format This is a  (RARE)  gemstone, that has been cut to a brilliant Portuguese Rd. cut. Zircon Attributes  Measurements: 11.49mm x 11.51mm x 7.50mm Clarity :Transparent Color (Hue): Yellow Tone: Medium […]

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” image=”Art”] WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS To Purchase, Original Art Canvas Paintings from:  Estelle Laibson Professional Artist go to:         For Digital Prints By Estelle Laibson or Kenneth Laibson Professional Photographer All Digital Paintings and Photographs come with a Signed Paper of AUTHENTICITY Please checkout our website for a complete variety of products. […]

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We Our Open For Business

Hi my name is Kenneth Laibson,   owner and operator of Gems And,  take a look at a wide variety of items on our site. We are still in beta mode, if there’s anything we can do for you at the time please don’t hesitate to use contact us. If you like to make an […]

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Hello world!

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Amethyst is February Gemstone for Valentine’s Day

                                                                                February 14th,  Valentine’s Day Amethyst is the Birthstone of February, It is a variety of […]

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